My 1-2-3 Minions

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Everyday life is juggling between career and household chores. Working as digital vampire virtual  assistant by twilight, eclipse, new moon and breaking dawn. So sleep deprived all the time. Be able to eat twice in a day – breakfast and supper. Experiencing asthenopia for staring at the computer monitor for extended periods of time  Having some back pain and pain swelling around the wrist  for working 13 to 14 hours a day/shift. Being born under the “Ox” sign, typically am a hardworking creature creeping in this rapidly changing world.

Traveling in a tough rough road for so many years. All the time is down time, but enjoying and appreciating those moments. It made me more human though. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” One of the most rewarding moments is enjoying the most difficult and complicated situations in life. Kinda hard right? How can a person enjoy while in a state of pain? grief? sorrow? No pain, no gain! My principle is so simple take negative into positive. Cry all I want! Complain all I want! But never did I carry all those shits, all day everyday in my life. What happened today is only for today. Tomorrow is another day. A new day with seven band of colors  and a very clear light of bliss at the end of the tunnel.

Reality bites and it sucks! Learning to accept and letting go of what is not meant to be or meant for you is the easiest way to accept reality. Make God rule your life and heart. Follow what is good and never insist on what you insist because if it is not destined to be, it will never be. We are all the captains of our life. We drive and navigate our own success and failure. Even though how hard we try to hit the goal, we are still experiencing life’s bits and pieces. But in spite of those herbs and spices in life, the show must go on! Maneuver to drive the path for betterment and success. And my secret to fight enemies on the battlefield is my “Three Minions!”

My Three Minions represents my glorious joyful pains, sacrifices, and tears. They are the reason to strive, reason to get tired, reason to sleep and wake up, reason to make a living, reason to do household duties, reason to get angry, reason to be happy, reason to breathe. The very reasonable explanation to my existence. I maybe experiencing some intermittent life signal but my 3 minions are paid back happiness, joy and pride.

I don’t have millions in my bank account, Ferrari, diamonds, Birkin bag,  Cartier La Dona Watch and real estate properties to give and bequeath on my last will and testament 😀

joy and pride

Kiddos with their new kicks! Nike Air Max for Maxine and Xundee. Air Shox for my Iñaki

Quality education is the best gift I can give to my minions. It can never be stolen, loaned, pawned, snatched, grabbed, burned, drowned, torn apart from their whole being. Their college diploma would be the best piece of paper they’ll gonna get and be proud of. My Minions just got their “honor cards” recently. Being so consistent in getting high grades, being part of the top 10 of their respective grade level, be able to qualify for honor rolls and be one of those outstanding students; they’ve got what it takes to be one those deserving individuals.  Minion 1 (Iñaki)  received honor card with an average of 88.44 % , Minion 2 (Maxine) on the top 7th of her class level and Minion 3 (Xundee) got 90. 19% on her honor card. Three gradings in a row and one last to go. Keep it up and make your digital mom so proud of you 3! Education plus smart way of living, pretty much sure they’ll likely to succeed in life. Mistakes, failures, and disappointments are just around the corner but my heart is confident that they’ll turn negative into positive.

After all what I’ve been through, I don’t mind at all. And I don’t dwell about the past, failures, mistakes, and humiliations. I love those who hate me. I love my life. I love my 3 Minions! They are my life. They are my everything. They made me complete as a woman and as a mom – digital mom as I say.

My 1-2-3 Minions… my joy, my honor, my pride. 1 big proud momma is what I am!

chain for link building

chain for link building

I decided to form this into writing on how I work on link building. This is often not simply a standard note however it’d be a help to facilitate those moms working as freelance virtual assistant or anyone who needs to market their small business and be visible within the world wide web. This my way of white hat SEO, no spamming and no bots.

1. Directory Submissions – Paid directories, such as Yahoo directory or Best of the Web directory. Links you get from them are fantastic. There are lots of free directory listing site, but some are crap and some are still reputable. Some sites requires reciprocal links too.

2. Blogger Relations – Engage in conversations on social networks, comment on a relevant and related  forums, journal, or blog posts. Offer them something of interest and see if you can’t get a link out of it.

3. Research High Page Rank links – determines where your web page appears in search result ranking. To increase your Page Rank, you need to have backlinks or other people linking to your website.

4. Link Bait – Create a tool, game, video, set of tips, etc. and promote it. Interested parties will see it and you can earn those links from those relevant sites.

5. Web link in Testimonials – Offer Testimonials, Get Links. You can often customize the link location and anchor text.

6. Gain .edu links – The need for .edu inbound links is not a new idea. Linking to .edu is like finding the heavy hitters in a certain industry and reaching out to those .edu sites linking to them. The idea here is that if this .edu site is linking to a competitor or an industry-relevant site, they are possibly open to linking to the other players in this market.

7. Charities and Non-Profit sponsorships – Be a sponsor of a charity or organization means something to you or your company and donate to them. The donation is tax deductible and you could get a permanent link to your site from the charity itself.

Link building benefits both traffic, provide a competitive advantage for increased search engine rankings, and it takes a lot of time and dedication.

bbgeniusLearning begins at birth. Thus outline that from zero to eight years of a child’s life are the most crucial or sensitive period of growth and therefore the foundation of a womb-to-tomb learning. Several factors will influence on fetal brain development. Upon conception, good nutrition is very important since brain growth is simply just like the growth of the fetus’ body. In fact, eighty-fifth of a child’s brain develops by age of 5, before a toddler enters school. Genes, surroundings and early quality education plays a serious role at each step of brain development.

Early learning programs for infants and toddlers have high positive effects. Providing a prime and quality early childhood education learning opportunities, receive excellent care, a nutritive diet throughout the early years before a child turn 5 yields vital wide selection and long-term advantages; like social and economic benefits. They have a better chance or probability to grow up healthy, perform well at school, and ready to reach their highest potential. Children who participate in early childhood programs are better kid well-being, higher learning outcomes, are more likely to enroll, less seemingly to repeat grades, complete school on time, are likely to graduate from highschool, to possess homes, set up their own future families, have longer marriages, earn higher household incomes, become productive adults, educate their own children, a law-abiding individual and makes smart economic sense. Which would extend well into adulthood and proceed to benefit society as a whole than those children without exposure or experience in early childhood education. Those lucky youngsters who are involved in preschool education programs are much more likely to show interest in mathematics, writing, recognize shapes, had additional advanced skills in areas like following directions, problem-solving, joining in activities, show respect for elders and fellow children, than those who don’t have an equivalent early learning opportunity.

Monetary issue isn’t an excuse for not giving and providing your toddlers’ right to an early quality education or program. It might not solely be helpful and beneficial to children but to their families and their communities., as well. Prime and high quality early childhood education is parent’s wise investment , represents pedagogue and school that best offer or contribute within the learning years of kids. Quality Education for early childhood Development – must be a priority!

 Take it from me, I’m a mom and my children are the living proof.

Bayanihan The Filipino Spirit

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pinas flagIn times like this, Filipinos  have this unity spirit that referred to as Bayanihan. An act of unity that effort is to attain a specific goal and objective. Yolanda was a monster wind that landed sixfold in our beloved land. Amphibious assault was the foremost blasted a part of the Visayas, significantly Tacloban town. My heart bleeds seeing that typhoon Haiyan’s (International Name) aftermath that caused most pain and trauma to people who survived.

Estimated count of 10,000 folks were killed of that super typhoon. Ship lies on prime of broken homes when it had been washed on land. Cars thrown like tumbleweed and was half-submerged, streets were strewn with trash and dead bodies floating. The enormous waves caught the folks by stunned. Survivors were like zombies walking around attempting to induce  food and water. The once active, full-of-life town looks like a ghost town currently. Even the well revered folks had to try and do pillaging. A survival instinct of a person that has not devoured food for two or three days and seeing their loved one stricken by starvation.Three hundred policemen were deployed to keep up peace and order. As of press time, no more pillaging happening. Check points were put in at each end of the San Juanico bridge. An aerial view of some areas, you’ll be able to see folks creating “HELP” sign,  “Save Us”, “We want food and water” painted on walls.

People round the globe showed their humanitarian approach of reaching and serving the survivors. Ordinary citizens, doctors, actors, politician volunteered no matter what they will contribute and participate of the bayanihan spirit. Others do their own approach of campaign for donations. TV stations were therefore busy accepting pledges from native and abroad. Even youngsters at their young age were creating effort in gathering donations. United Kingdom of Great Britain and U.S. are sending warships to assist relief efforts in Tacloban. UK, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, Brunei, world organization, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam gave cash donations. Pope Francis lead 60,000 folks in Sunday prayers for the Philippines. Various foreign governments and international agencies have offered condolences, money,  expertise, and instrumentality to assist the victims build their lives. I thank these countries, the leaders and therefore those who helped and showed deep sympathy to us Filipinos.

Yesterday, 11-12-13;   tropical depression named Zoraida created landfall at Caraga city, Davao Oriental at around 9:00 a.m. Cebu was declared beneath signal #1 and will experience rains with stormy winds. Classes were suspended for students’ safety. At past twelve noonday,  I felt earth jolted once more.  And was speculative if it had been an aftershock or earthquake. Flash news reported  Magnitude 4.5 originated in Tagbilaran, Bohol. I’m still grateful  though we tend to experience natural bad luck incidence and events. We are still terribly lucky to possess the comfort in living our homes, be able to eat and drink with our love ones.

Bayanihan in prayers, donations, expertise, and physical effort in serving to Tacloban, Samar, Ormoc, Daan Bantayan and other cities suffering  from their lost, pain and trauma. Put aside whatever negatives thoughts and comments for politician giving pledges be in a kind or money. For politicians and leaders, could they hand those pledges to the survivors right away.  No politicking and no corruption at this moment in time, please! And we must all pray that our Almighty Savior can heal in every and each a part of the Philippines particularly those affected ones and devastated by super typhoon Yolanda.

Instead of throwing and having Christmas parties particularly for giant corporations, why not donate the budget to the typhoon victims. Christmas is often in our spirit and heart.  Our almighty savior will be happy if we tend to keep humble and facilitate the poor ones.

To all fellow Filipinos; participate and take part in helping Tacloban and other town devastated  by super typhoon Yolanda build their lives! I’m urging everyone to be generous and sort to create pledges and donations. We are all distinctive unsung heroes.

Pray for the Philippines safety against calamities. We cannot evade natural disaster.  What we will do is to be watchful, to prepare and pray. Pray without ceasing.

Hold on Tacloban , Ormoc, Samar, Daanbantay.. a lot of “Help” is coming and beginning to arrive!

Oh… Yolanda!

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PAGASA forecast, Yolanda is predicted to land Philippine Area of Responsibility on Thursday morning.  Today is Thursday, seventh day of November, 2013. And here I’m lying on my bed, looking ahead to Yolanda. Done praying the string of beads, prayer for Snr. Sto. Nino and San Pedro Calungsod.

A day before this day, individuals gone panic shopping, water station were jam-packed, bakeshops ran out of breads, cars lined up simply to induce their tank crammed and full.

Typhoon are often forecasted compared to earthquake, nobody is given an opportunity to organize for no matter. Typhoon, tornado, earthquake, flood or the other calamity; I select none of these. once nature strike, it’s no joke!

As I’ve aged and grown matured, I’ve realized how short life is, however otiose is material possessions. After you feel you’re in deep abyss and feel it’ll be your last breathe on earth. One cannot consider going back the house and get all the sentimental valued stuffs. SOS! Or SMS! .. Save my soul. Ran for my life tho’. But, you can not run alone and save yourself. We’ve family to save , youngsters to shield with. I’m not afraid to steer through the vale of the shadow of death however afraid to depart my kids at their young age. I cannot imagine the fright they’re going to experience with this dangerous calamities.

My memory is sweet and properly operating. Reminiscing childhood, I cannot consider any worst disaster that strike Cebu.  I solely remember typhoon Nitang and Rufing.  Five am of November thirteen, 1990; robust wind with rain awaken me. Who can ever forget that day. It’s the day  after my parent’s wedding anniversary. Absolutely was a robust storm tho’. With it’s name alone, most house their roofs were gone with the wind.

Now, our calamities are becoming stronger and getting interloper. Why? simply last Monday, tornado hit the northern a part of Cebu.

I’m no spiritual kind of person however I actually have faith in Him. No one will shake, drown and flown that faith I actually have. Been through plenty of sufferings, pains and humiliations in my life however He never left me. I’m an evildoer, I’m human and that I am not good yet He gave me such a lot of possibilities and save my soul such a lot of times. Prayer is incredibly powerful. If I cannot stand facing my trails, I bow down on my knee, fierily raise forgiveness, thank Him for the everything He gave me.

People simply can’t  understand what’s happening currently. They get scared easily. As they are saying, “End of the world.” For me, everyday is end of anything. Everyday, some are born, some are for 6 feet below the ground. Rather than being paranoid, kneel down and pray! Prayer brigade, , pray with family, pray alone, pray warmly and pray for everybody’s safety. That’s the factor individuals forget. They forgot God’s word. A passage from bible that I continuously detained in my mind  and sculpted on my heart is God’s solely begotten Son did to His disciples when they were on the ocean. Miracles will happen as long as you hold on, trust and have faith on Him.

Positive vibe, the factor I entertain these days, tomorrow and also the coming days. I don’t question nor complain what nature brings to me. I’m assured and my religion is irrevocable. I trust my Savior. I trust Him quite anybody else. He can defend me, my kids, my family and Philippines.

Now.. waiting vainly for Yolanda… Oh Yolanda!, be kind and gentle to me…